Thursday, 23 November 2017

Esme's little mishap 

Last night down in Bramble grove they had a very nasty storm. Esme huddle down under the blankets grateful that she had her cosy tree house to shelter in. First thing in the morning she ventured out into the garden and this is what she found.

Her toilet door had been blown clean off of it's hinges. Oh dear thought Esme this is so embarrassing I must get it fixed as soon as possible. Then she remembered that Daisy the cake lady had told her that the new family's granddad used to be a carpenter well that could be just what she needed now. So off she went to see the new family in the big new house. Grandpa More was more than happy to help and it didn't take more than a few minuets and all was back to normal.

The door all fixed.

One happy Esme.

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