Sunday, 19 November 2017

Esme hits the cake shop

Esme knows there's a new family moving into the house that's just been built down in the grove and her curiosity is getting the better of her so she decides a trip to the cafe and cake shop is in order. The shop is run by a lady called Daisy and nothing gets past Daisy. Running the cafe and cake shop people are always coming and going so Daisy hear's everything. Plus Esme like a cake for Sunday tea so she can kill two bids with one stone.

Esme's off to the shops

Daisy is very happy to see Esme

Esme picks her cake for Sunday tea and wants to know if she had met the new family. "oh yes I've met them they seem a nice family and I'm sure there going to fit in nicely round her." Esme wasn't so sure too many moving in round here and children make a lot of noise". Esme wasn't too taken with children. Horrible noisy, messy things. Well say's Esme "I can't stand here gossiping all day best get myself back home" with that she bids Daisy goodbye.

Well it's time I got home now as it's time for my elevenses say's Esme             

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