Wednesday, 8 November 2017

A new house has been built in Bramble Grove

I've been very busy building a new house to for the occupants down in Bramble Grove.
I started out with a few sturdy boxes and hot glued them together cutting out any doors and windows but this often changes as I don't work with a plan

I've now started to put in a walkway and balcony and using the same technique I used on the tree house I covered the sides in strips of crumpled up foil and hot glue them onto the sides of the building. this helps to give it a tree bark effect.

Now I want more rooms so I'm putting more box's in front and cutting out arches between the connecting boxes 
Then I do all the painting inside the rooms 

I made a cover using the same bark affect that I used on the outside of the house.

Paddington the building inspector has arrived to check it all out. I'll leave him to it and we can have a good look round tomorrow when he give us the OK. 

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